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The Islamic law of inheritance is a religiously mandated fixed-heirship system. That means upon death, a Muslim’s estate is distributed to his or her Islamic heirs according to the Qur’an: “an apportionment from Allah.” – Q2:180

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    The Islamic references to Quran and Hadith throughout the process helped me understand how the Islamic rulings impacted my unique situation. I love the ability to make edits to my situation down the road, and download my documents at any time. The inheritance calculator is a super-useful tool, and very easy to use.


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    Easy to use, robust platform, quick responses. Great service to the American Muslim community!

    Wasiq Sheikh

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    Ease of use as well as ability to develop an state-specific yet Shariah compliant Will which can be updated as needed!

    Hadi Suroor

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    Shariawiz is an amazing product. It is robust, accurate and instructive. I would highly recommend it to any Muslim seriously thinking about a Sharia compliant will and estate plan. Shariawiz is one stop shopping in this regard.

    Zaid Shakir

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    Simple, easy and Sharia compliant; great value.

    Mohammad Nassri

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    I thought the process was very straight forward and simple.


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    I appreciated the convenience of drafting a sharia compliant will online! The questions were straightforward and I felt confident in the system calculation of funds to beneficiaries. Alhamdulillah I can finally have a legal Islamic Will!


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    It was very easy and quick to answer questions explained very well to create my will and Trust documents. Masha'Allah



What is Shariawiz?
Shariawiz is an online portal that offers legal forms and information about Sharī‘a-compliant wills and Sharī‘a rules of inheritance, including a scholar-certified Islamic Inheritance Calculator.
How long does it take?
Our do-it-yourself software allows you to complete your Shari'a-compliant estate plan in as little as 15 minutes.
What should I do after purchasing a will?
Upon purchase, you will be able to download detailed instructions on how to sign, witness, notarize, and store your documents.
I have an affiliate or discount code. How do I use it?
You will enter your affiliate or discount code at checkout.
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